Savo + June is a space of mindful topics in style, fashion, beauty with a dash of interior design and wellness.

But what is Savo + June? Savo is the shortened Greek word for Saturday (a nod to my Greek heritage) and June is my birth month. Saturday, obviously the best day of the week, and clearly I’m partial to the month of June.

Savo + June came alive in the early winter of 2016. At its base, I wanted to provide a space that was a resource to find thoughtful wardrobe pieces. Items you want to invest in. You’ll often find me reusing items throughout my social media and site. Guess what, that’s real life. And that’s exactly what I wanted to share.

From there it began expanding to include beauty products that I stood by and would text my best friend she needed to try asap. As I let the world more into my world it grew even further to the things that I surrounded myself in regards to interior design and wellness.

The most important take away I wanted to connect with you is that we’re in this together. I want to feel great, look great, and find those MUST HAVE items everyone is on the hunt for to build our own modern, timeless fashion forward lives.

My name is Anastasia (named after my great-grandmother) and I’m the 20 something behind Savo + June. By trade I’m a content marketer, the rest of the time I split my time between Cleveland, OH and Charleston, SC.

These days you will typically find me with my too smart for his own good, soccer loving and hilarious partner in crime, Yianni. Whether we are spending a night in, cooking traditional Greek food, venturing to the beach, planning our next trip, or sitting down with a great glass of wine I love every moment I get to spend with him. Bonus, when it’s on a Saturday. ;-)

I’m always rearranging our apartment. I love interior design–it’s been a passion of mine since I was young and would move my room around and redecorate on a weekly basis. Someday I hope to have a beautifully restored modern house on the water, with beautiful high ceilings, french doors, an insane marble fireplace and lots of charm and character.

I swear Pilates changed my life and I am obsessed with finding new studios to try. I get a thrill from flea market finds. I’m inspired by editorial spreads, beautiful writing, exploring a new place for the first time.

Embarrassingly, the Gemini will come out without coffee. But seriously, that’s an easy fix. Just have the cup poured when I get out of bed. I literally go on 100 walks a day and Yianni constantly reminds me how kidnappable I am since I constantly sharing them with you. Whoops. My favorite place to travel is to my family’s village in Greece. And if you want to know a few more fun facts (link to a blog post of fun facts like she does)…

Thank you, thank you for being here. I look forward to each day I get to share this journey with you. x