SAVO + JUNE Turns 2!

I cannot believe how quickly time has flown! SAVO + JUNE has officially turned 2! I feel so thankful for starting this journey and having each and every one of you follow along! It has been both terrifying to put yourself out there and exhilirating for doing something that feels so natural to me. To celebrate SAVO's second birthday I am answering each and every one of your questions about blogging!

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Charlotte Travel Diary

For my first time in Charlotte (other than an airport layover), I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this little city. We planned the trip as an impromptu getaway for Yianni's 25th birthday. We were both feeling the stresses of work and school and needed to get out of the rut and enjoy a weekend out of Charleston. It was the perfect weekend full of food, exploring, and relaxing.

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Spring Mood

I have rounded up a few of my fashion favorites for spring 2018! With luxurious fabrics and a nod to summer ahead, spring for me is filled fine silk, slip dresses, crisp sneaks, and straw accents. Adding in these quality pieces throughout the season to lead me right into summer. With a neutral color palette of white, blush, denim, black, and cream this season will bring life back into the air. 

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Galentine Gift Guide

Sharing with you all a quick Galentine gift guide featuring some of my favorites at the moment! This February I am all about soft colors, cozy knits, and wardrobe staples. I incorporated a mix of investment pieces (treat yourself!) and affordable fashion and beauty. 

Shop my Valentine edit below!

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Homemade Falafel + DF Tzatziki Recipe

t has finally arrived!! The recipe to my homemade falafel and dairy free tzatziki. I made this a few weeks ago, taking you all along with me through insta-stories. While my content is typically fashion and styling, health and wellness are a huge part of my life! That being said I come from a 100% Greek household where dinner was made from scratch every single night and rarely did we go out for dinner or grab fast food. While I hated that growing up, I notice myself gravitating towards cooking on my home more than going out as I get older (ugh sigh I'm like a real adult now). Naturally I take you all along with me in almost everything I do (sorry for the over shares) so you have by now seen me quite a few times in the kitchen. 

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How to Style a Printed Jacket

When it comes to style I am a minimalist at heart. I stay tried and true to my high waisted straight jeans with a plain white t-shirt. All other accompanying pieces are chosen based on my mood and destination. But for the most part, you can find me in a pair of 501's any day. I clarify this because there are two things that can break my minimalistic outlook on my wardrobe, and that is shoes and jackets. 
There are endless ways to make a statement in your wardrobe, but for me, it is without a doubt the most impactful through a good shoe or a statement jacket. Since by nature the core of almost all my outfits is basics, I love to make an impact with a great jacket. I have been collecting blazers, bombers, faux fur, trenches, I cannot get enough. 

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My Bad Hair Day Dirty Secret

We all have those days...when your hair absolutely hates you. It doesn't straighten, it doesn't curl, it just simply exists in the worst way possible. If you are thinking "I don't have those days" you're lying so keep reading because I am trying to help you.

I have to be frank, I had my doubts when I got the Instyler Glossie brush in the mail. To be honest it reminds me of something I would have loved in like 5th grade when I also crimped my hair and put 150 braids in it before bed so when I woke up I would have the largest hair in the game. It was cool then. But to my surprise, this early 2000's looking brush has become my dirty little secre

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Skincare Weapons

I have been waiting to write this blog post for quite some time now. I love sharing new products with you all but I am also very careful to make sure that they are products I truly enjoy/incorporate into my routine. Skincare definitely gets a little tricky, so I waited a few months to write this post after using thee products. Now I know there are so many products out there that show results and truly do work so I am not going to sit here and preach to you that these are your only options..but they are just that..options. So read with your own skin in mind and hopefully, I can shed a little light on some new products that for me, were successful.

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