My Cryotherapy experience

I have been reading all of the non-stop buzz over this new below zero health + beauty treatment. We've seen celebs like Lebron James, Kim K, and Floyd Mayweather strip down and immerse themselves into a -200 degree chamber. Sounds normal. Being the health nut that I am, this was right up my alley. I have read countless articles and reviews raving over the new freezing therapy.

My friends over at Skin Deep Medi Spa collaborated with me for this post. I showed up to the spa (which is so gorgeous) and was greeted by the incredibly friendly staff. We went over health precautions, then headed back to the Cryotherapy room. I was given a run down over how the process worked, and what benefits I will be seeing afterwards. 


The entire process is super easy, it takes a matter of 10 min max.

1. Fill out paper work in regards to any health related issues

2. Go over procedure + process with trained employee

3. Strip down to just a pair of gloves + slippers and head into the chamber

4. Chamber will gradually drop in temp until about -230 degrees. Maximum time in chamber can be 3 minutes.

 The treatment is safe to do everyday, even multiple times a day.



Increase caloric burn

Encourage additional fat loss

Boost your metabolic rate

Flush toxins and burn fat

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Promotes smooth complexion

Flushes toxins and revitalises skin

Increases oxygenated blood

Natural pain relief method

Decreases inflammation

Improves sleep and combats insomnia

Boosts production of endorphins

Reduces stress and anxiety

Improves immune system and organ function




ABSOLUTELY! As a disclaimer I do not have any joint or muscle pain (which I have been told is an immediate relief with Cryotherapy) nor am I an athlete. Yoga and pick up soccer once a week is the extent to my athleticism these days. So coming from a person who is trying it to simply try it, I am completely + 100% obsessed. I stepped out of the chamber (thawed out...literally) and felt an immediate rush of energy. I felt light,energized, and refreshed. I went in to the treatment with some major hesitation about whether or not this would be worth it for me. After waking up the next morning feeling the most well rested I have in a long time, I knew this was the real deal.


While treatments can be somewhat pricey (ranging anywhere from $60-$100 a session) if you have severe joint/muscle pain I highly recommend giving this a shot.

Whether or not you decide Cryotherapy is for you, I highly recommend visiting the Skin Deep Spa. Not only is the staff extremely helpful and kind, the space is absolutely gorgeous. I walked in and immediately felt comfortable. When trying a new treatment for the first time, it was very crucial to feel that I was in good hands and taken care of. As I mentioned the entire staff was so kind and well educated on all of the services, my nerves stayed at the door. They offer an extensive list of health + beauty services you can see below!

 click here to check out their site + schedule your appointment.