by CHLOE. New York City

by CHLOE. New York City

Like most, it was a very big decision to transition myself from my previous lifestyle to a plant based diet- and I am still getting there. Coming from a 100% Greek background, meat + dairy was in essentially every meal. A lot of our meals and side dishes are primarily made with some type of cheese in them, so that was all I ever knew when it came time to living on my own. I started with limiting meats to only a few times a week and then eventually just eliminating them completely. I didn't do this with the mindset of becoming a vegetarian or vegan, I just naturally was drawn to other foods more, and felt better after I ate those foods. This went on for almost a year until I stumbled across a Youtube video about Veganism. I think I had only heard the word a few times, and to be honest associated it with Whole Foods hippies (which I now am). I sat through the whole video listening to how amazing the girl felt after transitioning to meat/dairy free. It sparked a light bulb. So I watched another, and another, 2 hours later my eyes were blood shot from watching "Why go Vegan" videos.

I decided I was going to go for it, but take it slow. So for me that meant jumping in head first throwing away all my food, calling myself a vegan, and always opting for tofu. It didn't last. While I was good with not eating meat, the dairy was a struggle. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth so basically everything is made with either milk or butter. I wish I could sit here and say I am 100% a vegan but I won't BS you. I learned that it's not about labeling yourself, it is just making a transition that works best for you. 


The exciting part about going plant based was cooking/eating out. I LOVE to eat, and I LOVE to cook, so this was a fun thing to take on. To this day I will only cook plant based meals, my body loves me for it. I have so much more energy, I never get that awful heavy sluggish feeling, and in general feel lighter. It has by far been the best decision I have made. Not to mention, a lot of restaurants are picking up on the popularity of it. Living in Cleveland, OH you would think I have no options, but I have had some really amazing entrees since transitioning. Read below for a list of my favorite Vegan places in Cleveland!

 by CHLOE. New York City

by CHLOE. New York City

 by CHLOE. New York City

by CHLOE. New York City

Where to Eat



Root Cafe

Cleveland Vegan

BEET JAR Juice Bar

Restore Cold Pressed

Pura Vida