Review on the new Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hair Care Line by Pail Mitchell

Awapuhi Finishing Spray by Paul Mitchell

Awapuhi Finishing Spray by Paul Mitchell

I have recently paired up with Paul Mitchell to review their new line of wild ginger scented hair care products. I have heard amazing things about the line, and being new to beauty reviews I am going to give it a go!

To start off, my hair type is very long and very thick. When it's humid, it explodes. There is no return. Other than that I can do what I please as far as curling, straightening, ect and it will work out. For a little background, I have tried product after product to manage my hair in the humidity. Cleveland has extremely humid summers, so this was definitely something that I have wanted to get a grip on. That being said, the Hydrocream Whip is by far my favorite item in the entire collection. THIS STUFF WORKS. I went into this thinking it was going to be the same disappointing result I have gotten every time I try an anti frizz serum. 


For the look I wanted to test out, I did my go to beach waves. This look is SO  easy, and having such long hair, sometimes you can look a little Wednesday Adams with a pin straight do. I started with damp hair and added put a TINY amount of Hydrocream Whip into my palm. Rubbing that in gently I finger combed it through the bottom half of my hair. After letting it dry I took my curling wand and began to curl the pieces away from my face. The key to getting these laid back curls is to tug the hair once it has been curled. This gets rid of that tight ringlet curl (circa 1999.)