Total Skin Revamp with Skin Deep Medi Spa

A full review on the HydraFacial MD treatment available at Skin Deep Medi.


I am so excited to bring you all this post. Not only because I have so many things to say BUT I am giving a promo code for 20% off your own facial at Skin Deep Medi Spa (Cue round of applause). I recently went in to get the HydraFacial MD treatment done, and let me just say it was eye opening. I have recently become much more conscious about the products and routine I have with my skin care. Your skin is your largest and easily one of the most important organs you have, so take care of it! I have been in the process of switching to natural products and keeping up with a more consistent skin care routine.

The thought of kicking it up a notch and really exploring how beneficial these facials are for you is something that I have been wanting to test out. I chose the HydraFacial because of its completely painless, non-invasive treatments and known for its immediate results. The entire process took about 30 min. You can literally go on your lunch break- come on.  

The Process

As I said, the process is completely painless and a mixture of serums, suctions, and extractions to bring your skin back to life. My favorite part of the treatment.....being shown exactly what came out of your skin. I'm talking the dirt, oil, blackheads and nasty s*** that is living on your face. Absolutely disgusting but so eye opening to see that even though we may think we are getting everything off, there is so much still under + on top of our skin. That alone will make me go back consistently.

Kind of disgusting, but kind of necessary to prove my point. The access JUNK that comes out of your face

Kind of disgusting, but kind of necessary to prove my point. The access JUNK that comes out of your face


The Benefits

 The beauty of this treatment is that there are SO many benefits that come along with it. It is proven to help reduce to appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, oily congested skin, and even skin tone evenness + vibrancy. It also restores your skin rebuilding elasticity + firmness, skin texture and photo damage. 

The other positive to this treatment? Is that it is completely customizable! Whether you are coming in for severe acne, or stopping by monthly for a skin wake up call. The treatments can be adjusted and customized to exactly the problem areas you need to focus on. 


I absolutely cannot rave enough about this facial, I have had my fair share done in the past, and nothing touches the results I saw with the HydraFacial. 

Given that the holidays are approaching, Skin Deep Medi Spa has been so generous to gift you all with 20% off your own HydraFacial using code "freshface" - AMAZING!!!


post treatment @ Skin Deep Medi! Virtually no redness!