Savo + June has turned One!

Celebrating and looking back on my first year blogging!


I cannot believe it has already been a year since I started SAVO + JUNE. Time has flown by! I remember it like it was yesterday my nerves and excitement just being through the roof. Blogging was something I had wanted to get into for years before I started. I never had the courage to fully put myself out there and create it when I was attending undergrad. In all honesty, I cared too much about what others were going to say. 

In some ways I am upset with myself about not taking the leap sooner, but looking back if it is something you feel strongly about you are going to do it when your gut tells you it's time. At 22 I was ready. I knew fashion, styling, and travel were my passions. I knew writing was a weakness. What better way to work on both. I have been blown away by the amount of incredible new friends I have made since starting this journey. From designers to photographers I feel so lucky that I have created an entirely new network and realm of people I surround myself with on top of the people I have been friends with years before that. 

My advice if you are looking to start your own blog: put your blinders on. Do not make the mistake of comparing yourself. It is so much easier said than done. I am just now understanding this myself. There will forever be someone better or someone with a negative comment. Be true to your own self, what you like, what makes you happy. It's simple but vital to not giving up on such a rewarding experience.


necklaces: MOVV

necklaces: MOVV

I am so looking forward to expanding my site, working harder, and creating more memories. Cannot wait to take you along with me!