LA minimal wear

We have landed! Officially in Los Angeles - my favorite city in the world. Every time I land I get this sense of calmness about me, like I am home. For me it is the perfect mix of hustle + bustle and chill laid back vibes. I love the sense of awareness the people have here. 

Although I wish I could be beaching it every day and working on my tan, I am here for work. This means staying comfortable and put together. While I may be able to be a little more laid back this week than normal (typically wouldn't see me in destressed boyfriend jeans at the office) I wanted to put together a simple chic look that can take you throughout your day, plus I have added some new pieces to my wardrobe that I am absolutely LOVING and want to share with you. All the links below are  shop-able so enjoy! 

Take a look at my LA casual wear