Travel Tips You Cannot Live Without


As I sit on my flight from Ohio to LAX all I can think is… “shit I need to write a book on how to travel” over the past few years I have had some serious wanderlust. It started off with a few trips coincidentally booked close together, and ever since then I have not been able to sit still. 


I long for experiences. I love to surround myself in new cultures- even if it is just a weekend in Atlanta. I want to know the hidden gems of these cities. Where do you go for a cup of coffee, what is the best view in town. I love banking these things in my memory. Some people collect quarters, I collect experiences. Just like getting a quarter from every state, I am that way with travel. I want them all. Sounds absolutely insane I am aware. So what to take from this post, there is no reason to not be a little spontaneous. Grab that cheap flight when you see it, make an effort to visit a friend that has moved away these are the moments and memories that will last with you. And finally I am sharing with you 5 of my best travel tips… your welcome






Before every flight I literally chug a bottle of water. Those flights can sometimes take a lot out of you…mostly hydration. When I drink water before my flight I don’t get that lagging feeling later after landing. I am sure there is much more science behind this but I am just here to give you tips not a lecture. It’s water just do it.


2. Aisle Seat

This brings me to my second tip. While the window seat is an all time favorite, I have matured into an aisle seat kind of girl. If you just chugged a bottle of water you are going to thank me for choosing the aisle seat and now the 3 other people you made stand up so you could go pee…again. The aisle seat is a double whammy though. Not only are you conveniently Able to get up and roam you also can get off the plane just that much faster…plus more leg room


3. Gate check your bag. 

If you are traveling for a weekend, or just have small luggage you plan to carry on with you. This is a life changing tip. I just simply cannot be bothered with putting my suitcase in the over head bins mostly because my life flashes before my eyes every time I take it down and it is coming straight for my face. I will simply go up to the person working the check in desk and ask to have my bag gate checked. This way I do not have to wait for my luggage if I were to check it in (and pray that it did not get lost) and I am not using all the strength in my body to put it overhead. You just leave it before you board and it is waiting for you as soon as you get off. Game changer.


4. Have a toiletries bag on deck. 

If you travel often you will appreciate this tip. Never do I actually go through all the travel sized toiletries in one trip. But since I never had a set bag for travel they would get thrown away and repurchased every time I traveled. Now I have one bag specific to travel that has all the cute little travel sized things I need. One less thing to pack and I only but when needed.


5. Do your research 

Whenever I am traveling I have a list of a few places I want to hit. This way when I get there I am not just twiddling my thumbs looking for something to do..or end up in a hole in the wall restaurant (and not the good kind). I use Instagram more than anything to check the looks and vibes of different restaurants, shops, and parks. This way I know what to expect, just don't be a total planner and ruin someone else trip with your day to night itinerary.