Lake Love with Shore Society

 Shore Society by FAR has been one of my favorite collaborations to work on. Getting to work with Rachel the designer and founder of the brand, and Courtney of Fleeting Fox Photography was an absolute dream. It was a little boho - Cleveland love fest. I was so excited to finally meet Rachel...and she was as sweet as I had thought she would be (and she brought two bottles of rose, so I'm obsessed with her). 

In all honesty, it's hard to meet people who share similar passions as you and yet are willing to let their guard down and just create together. I am continuously grateful for the new people I have met and the opportunities I created for myself by taking a leap of faith into the blogging world. I encourage you all to do something you have always wanted- no matter how big or small. Starting is the first step.

Happy Friday everyone, more Shore Society, and SAVO + JUNE to come in the future. 

For now, enjoy!

PS Shop Rachel's amazing designs HERE.