Embracing Summer Gratitiude

One of the most amazing parts of summer are the sunsets. I live for that pink-orange hue the sun gives us as she rests for the night. There is something magical about that golden hour- peaceful, enchanting even. This summer I have made it a point in acknowledging this time. Embracing every second I have in it, reflecting on my day, my month, my year because before we know it the crisp fall feels will surround us and summer will be left behind.

Get your friends together and go to the beach, plan a cook out, enjoy your company. Whether it is a Tuesday happy hour or a Sunday fun day surround yourself with positivity and conversation. This time is not forever; we only have it for so long, so laugh, drink, and be thankful.

Take a moment at the end of your day as you bask in the suns natural golden filter and have a second of gratitude, even if you are just thankful for that moment you're in, immerse yourself in it as much as possible. The sun will set, and our lives will pick up where they left off, but you will always have that moment. So enjoy summer while we still have it, be grateful and drink a glass of rose on the beach...because why the hell not.