August Wine Winc Wednesday


It's that time again! I am bringing you a Winc Wednesday collab! Like many twenty-somethings out there, I love myself a good monthly subscription. BUT by far the best thing to show up at my door every month is a chill package of 4 wine bottles. bottles delivered to your door. It is actually as amazing and life changing as it sounds. I have been a Winc subscriber for two months now and find that it is so convenient for impromptu scenarios..and some not so impromptu scenarios. Just to be nice I am giving you all 4 bottles of Winc delivery for just $27!! You can pick up your subscription here, just make sure to use code anastasiasouris at check out for your discount!

I am also sharing one of my favorite recipes from the Winc site, I have been making these all summer! Super easy + delicious!

Drunken Watermelon Popsicles

We took some rose and hit the beach for a little sunset picnic on the lake! I am wearing a local t shirt designer Shore Society, who's shop you can swoon over here. Her easy breezy collection is the perfect mixture of timeless summer and effortless chic. I promise it is worth a look :)

Shop some of my Shore Society favorites here...