How to Start a Blog

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting A Blog


Lately I have received so many questions in my inbox about how to start a fashion blog! I recently did an Instagram takeover answering a few questions on this subject and was so surprised to see how many girls want to start their own as well. This inspired me to share with you the knowledge I have gained thus far in my blogging career. I have learned there are plenty of misconceptions around bloggers and their lifestyle so I would love to help put in to perspective what you will be getting yourself into when launching your fashion blog. And P.S. you can shop this little look at the the end of the post. Hope you enjoy! 


Stay True To Who You Are

I understand how incredibly cliche that sounds, but God is it true. In the begining months of starting my blog I tried to appeal to everyone... #1 mistake. Do not be everything to everyone. Once I learned that when I stuck to my style and personailty I grew tremendously. I was genuine, I am a lighthearted warm person so to try to be anything but that does not come across as authentic. I became comfortable with my personal style and expanded on it, became more daring and creative with my looks, but the most important thing was that if anyone were to land on my feed they would know right away it was me. I learned to brad myself with my personality and personal style. Some are comfortable with this right off the bat and to you I am incredibly jealous, for others it takes time to find who you are in the over saturated world of fashion bloggers. Put your blinders on and focus on you!

You Don't Need $1,000 in Equipment

There is a misconception that in order to start a blog you need a top of the line camera and laptop. I love to be the one to tell you that it could not be farther from the truth. The best engagement I receive is when I post a photo taken from my iPhone. People relate to authenticity. Your followers want to see your real life not the perfectly staged photo you put together. I will say that as your blog grows it may become valuable to invest in a DSLR for blog photos specifically. I like to keep the content that lives on my site to a higher resolution. unfortunately the iPhone does not provide the BEST photos for this but that does not mean I do not have entire posts taken with my iPhone that live on my site. If you are looking for some high resolution images, reach out to local photographers! Use your resources! I made one of my very best friends by reaching out to her to see if she would want to shoot some outfits photos. it was with those images I started SAVO + JUNE and she has been my photographer ever since!

How to Build Your Following

The best piece of advice I can give is to stay consistent. By staying true to your style and aesthetic you will become easily recognizable on your followers feeds. If you post great content and you do it often, your viewers will know that it is coming and want to stick along for the ride. The other important thing to keep in mind is engage! Talk with other accounts, follow people who have similar interests as you, and comment on their images as well. This will help your account get noticed and build relationships!

At the end of the day the most important thing is to enjoy yourself! This is such an incredible adventure and it truly is a path to finding yourself. Have an absolutel blast with it and all else will come naturally!