Fall Harvest Soup Recipe

This hearty vegan soup quickly became my favorite go to meal this fall. With brown rice, seasoned Italian sausage, and hints of Rosemary it is the perfect soup to bring back some colder weather nostalgia. Hope you all enjoy!



  • 1/4 of a whole white onion - chopped

  • 2 chopped celery stalks

  • 1 carrot - chopped

  • 1/3 c sliced mushrooms

  • 1-2 vegan sausage (kabasi style, or substitute for meat option)

  • 1/2 c brown rice

  • 1/2 tsp Rosemary

  • 1/2 tsp Parsley

  • Fresh Kale

  • salt + pepper to taste


  • Saute onion, celery, and carrot in minimal oil until golden brown (I use grape seed oil)

  • Add Rosemary, Parsley, and Mushroom + mix until browned

  • add 3 1/2 cups of water to pot, let come to a subtle boil, taste and adjust seasonings to preference

  • Slice Italian sausage into pieces, brown on stovetop with rosemary, parsley and minimal oil (I used a vegan friendly sausage by Field Roast)

  • add Italian sausage and brown rice to soup pot, cook until rice is done

  • pull apart pieces of Kale from the stem, break into small pieces with your hands and add to the soup.

  • Stir and let Kale settle in + serve!