What I Packed For Miami

Ahhhh back in Charleston.. vaca has come to an end and I could not feel more refreshed. Life lately has gotten so busy between work, the blog, the new trend book, and finding time to wind down and detox in between. A vacation was so necessary and well worth it! I am sharing a look into what I brought with me on our long weekend to Florida!


Booking a trip to Florida you would expect endless sunshine and clear skies, not so much for our trip. Lucky for us living on the beach all year round the endless rain we got during our stay did not phase me one bit. I was just happy to get away. To be 100% honest I packed my suitcase with so many outfits to share and ended up wearing a third of them because we lounged in our sweats on the rainy days (my inner go go go personality let loose and I lounged in a hotel...who am I). No worries I will share what I had in mind with you this week, ya don't want to miss it.

Beach Day

image (2).jpeg

I picked up this feminine floral top while roaming Lincoln Rd after lunch and am officially obsessed with it. Soft florals, a wrap tie, and a balloon sleeve comee onnnn it was made for me. Oh and it was $18 so there you go. 

Exploring Miami

image_6483441 (7).JPG

I just about fell in love when I laid eyes on this dress. Oh my God. The fringe! Unfortunately I was unable to find it online to link but it is recent and from Zara, I highly recommend! The sandals are from Urban Outfitters (they are the absolute perfect wrap sandal and I bought the exact same pair in black because they're that good). The bag is also Zara and you can shop it here.

Wandering Wynwood


Remember when I said I had these sandals in black? Well there you have it. I love how simple and comfortable they are- I even packed a pair of comfy shoes because I knew I needed to break these in and I didn't even need to change once. Trust me when I say THEY'RE SO GOOD. I love how simple and classic they are! I paired these lace ups with a matching set from CleoBella

This was SUCH a rainy day so I threw my hair up in a bubble pony- this is my go to for a bad hair day, added a chain to my wallet and made it waist belt (life hack for ya!).

Skin Care

Now I know this is not pictured BUT this is crucial when I travel so I without a doubt have to mention these items! Whenever I travel I make sure to have my "go-to" products to take with me while I am away. My go to's for travel consist of my Osea Milk Cleanser, a sheet mask (usually something moisturizing) eye masks, Mario Bedascue travel cucumber facial spray, tea tree oil essential oil (for possible breakouts), and last but most important my Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream.