How To Pack For A Weekend Trip

How to not pack 45 outfits for a weekend away, a memoir from a former “over-packer”


You have booked a much deserved weekend away, only 3 days and 2 nights..perfect! You are most likely one of two people…the first: neatly plans outfits in advance, consciously making their outfit decisions based on suitcase space, wearability, and convenience. Or! You are the second. You too consciously plan your outfits but instead around “the vibe” you’ve set for your trip (we all know it’s a thing). You are most likely packing also doing this at 12am and leaving the next morning so your brain turns to panic/survival mode and you quite literally throw anything you can think of in your bag for the EVER so common “just in case scenario”.

I know this girl all too well. I was her, and admittedly she comes out from time to time, but we’ve grown since then. Now, I like to consider myself somewhat of a lower level expert in packing. There was this overwhelming sense of light when i received a request to write this post from a viewer, as if it was my time to shine.

SO rant over, I am going to show you how to pack for a weekend using less than 10 pieces. Enjoy!

Top Packing Tips

  • A color pallet is your best friend! Stick to a few interchangeable colors to give you the opportunity to create multiple looks! For example, I live in neutrals so that way I can get more looks out of less pieces (and no one knows!)

  • Get creative! I love to pack a go to black dress that I can dress up or down. For the day, rock it with a pair of sneakers an a jacket, at night ditch the jacket and throw on a pair of slinky heals and literally NO ONE will recognize you wore the same dress.

  • Think about your fabrics. If you are traveling for a weekend you most likely are traveling lighter. Consider the fabrics you are bringing to avoid excessive wrinkling when you Marie Kondo your pieces into your suitcase. The last thing you want is to be a wrinkly mess.

Mix & Match Outfits For Any Occasion