Weekend in Asheville

One of My Favorite Weekend Getaways…

I have to admit…I did not know if I was going to enjoy this trip. I feel terrible saying it, but mountain trips are not necessarily my thing. Give me city, give me tropics, give me culture…but I didn’t know how being cooped up in the mountains would suit me. Now after spending a weekend in Asheville, NC I have to say this was one of my all time favorite getaways.

There is something so special about having nothing to do. We checked in to The Omni Grove Park Inn, which is a historic mansion lodge that immediately set the vibe for the coziest weekend. From there we honestly just took our time and did not feel pressured to do everything under the sun like we normally do on a quick trip. There was something so calming and serene about this getaway that we both agreed we had never felt before. I am so excited to share my Asheville photo diary and recommendations with you!




To be honest, we spent so much of our time here. We LOVED staying at The Omni. Immediately you walk in to a massive lobby that houses a piano bar and two of the biggest fireplaces I had ever seen on each end of the lobby lined with rocky chairs to enjoy the heat. It honestly was breathtaking. We found ourselves wanting to cozy up in the lounge, drink some wine (aka I don’t remember the last time I drank that much wine and champagne), and listen to the music. I have to say this hotel was perfect for having cozy spots to sit and admire the view in. We ate dinner at the hotel both nights as well at The Edison and it was fantastic (I recommend the kale salad with salmon on top-typical I know).

The other thing I recommend is reserving a day at the spa! This is detached and a short walk from the hotel. It is one of the most stunning spa’s I have seen. With endless pools, massage options, and sauna’s you truly can spend an entire day just treating yourself.



After laying low our first night and just enjoying the hotel wine we took to downtown Asheville for brunch and a new scene. Downtown Asheville reminds me very much of a small Portland, OR. It is very one of a kind, a little quirky and off the beaten path but I LOVED it. Our few glasses too many night before led us to your authentic diner called Cafe 64. I am not going to sit here and say this was some innovative out of this world food, but it was some solid breakfast food that our slight hangovers were craving. Asheville does have such a wide variety of food options and everything we tried was delish! If you are plant based this is such a good spot for you too. Besides food, you’re going to want to drink. Asheville is known for its’ breweries and there are so many to choose from! You can find some faves below:

Catawba Brewing

Twin Leaf Brewery

Burial Beer



This is without a doubt a MUST. Some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen seen. There truly is something so uniquely different about the mountain tops that never cease to make me feel grounded. I hate that I am admitting this but we drove up through the parkway and stopped at the various look outs as you scale the mountains, and they only get better and better. Most people will use the day and take the hike up, but I had a fireplace and wine that needed to be tended to.



On our way home, we rounded up the trip with a visit to Biltmore. This is the largest family owned estate in the country and it is absolutely breathtaking. We did a tour of the house, grabbed coffees because it was unbelievably cold and rainy and spent the morning roaming the grounds. I would love to make another visit during the warmer months to spend a weekend at the wineries!