Denim Essentials


Let’s talk about the corner stone of my closet….denim. I own an embarrassing amount of denim, the stacks upon stacks of denim organized by fit and color pretty much consume my walk in closet….all in the name of research right?! I have self proclaimed myself a denim conosuir and feel it’s time I share my all time favorites from investment pieces to quality on a budget!

All Time Favorites

I have a few styles that are my tride and true cuts..I will purchase them in as many washes as I can because a good cut is not easy to find. Being that I am petite (5’3) I gravitate towards styles that are considered cropped in length so I do not have to worry about cutting the bottoms or getting hemmed. Take a look at some of the “cropped length” jeans I love!

Crop It Up

Denim Brands You Can’t Go Wrong With:




& Other Stories

I definitely gravitate towards Levi’s. Their quality is the best of the best and are just SO classic. The cuts in Levi’s that I wear are 501 Skinny Jeans- these are usually to long on me so I will take a pair of scissors, measure the inches I want to chop off and cut away. After cutting the ends I like to throw them in the wash to give them that messy raw hem at the bottoms! The other styles I own and wear are classic 501’s 501 crops- I have multiple washes in the 501 crop and last but not least the wedgie fit! I find that the wedgie fit is almost like a more structured mom jean and will have to cut the bottoms of these from time to time as well. I linked a few styles from each of these below!

Denim Staples In My Closet

I have created a little mantra I live..and shop by, invest in your basics. For me I prefer to invest in higher ticket items that I know I will get use out of and give me that perfect high quality fit. I will be the first to say my wardrobe is not head to toe designer, I feel like I make that pretty clear. So while I do invest in denim I have found some AMAZING jeans that I have had for years that are budget friendly! Stores like Abercrombie and Fitch and H&M offer really amazing quality and on trend cuts! I linked a few styles from each store to shop!