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Charlotte Travel Diary

For my first time in Charlotte (other than an airport layover), I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this little city. We planned the trip as an impromptu getaway for Yianni's 25th birthday. We were both feeling the stresses of work and school and needed to get out of the rut and enjoy a weekend out of Charleston. It was the perfect weekend full of food, exploring, and relaxing.

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Where to go: Cleveland

This has been a highly requested post and I could not be happier to bring it to you. My official guide to must-see restaurants in Cleveland! I was born and raised in this city, I have traveled, moved out, moved back in, and moved out again. Regardless of where I am at the moment, Cleveland will always be home. I have seen this city go from nothing to something in the short time that I have lived in it. So lets get started, read below my favorite places in Cleveland!

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