A Cleveland Staycation with Kimpton

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I am so excited to finally share my staycation in Cleveland at the Kimpton Schofield Hotel! 

We traveled home to Cleveland last month and were lucky enough to post up at the Kimpton for the weekend. I have absolutely fallen in love with this hotel, from its prime location to the 5-star meals and most importantly funky decor it is truly a little gem in the land. 

How cute is the personalized marquee board with SAVO+JUNE?! Obsessed with the personal touches!


One of the best features of The Schofield is the LOCATION. Nestled right in the heart of downtown Cleveland it is walking distance to landmarks, Restore Cold Pressed (AKA what I consider to be a landmark), West 6th street filled with restaurants & bars, and Pour Coffee! In all honesty if you're staying downtown you can't beat it. 


I have been staying at Kimpton's for my last few trips and cannot rave enough about the service, one of a kind decor and feel, and location. I loved staying in my hometown and playing tourist for a weekend!


Weekend Necessities

As I have traveled more in my life, I have learned the importance of efficiency. In the past I was that girl that brought the 75 lb suitcase with her for a "weekend getaway". These days I don't have time for that nonsense. The last thing I want to do when I return home from a trip is unpack 75 freaking pounds of (excuse my french) shit. 

I now pride myself in packing as efficiently as humanly possible. This means I have learned to get crafty with my looks. Instead of 5 outfit changes I pack a plain white tee and a trusty pair of denim (I know that if all else fails this will not let me down). You can dress it up with heels or dress down with sneakers and you're done, effortlessly cool! Instead of a plain white tee, you can also opt for a cool vintage graphic tee as well (I am currently loving Anine Bing's tees you can shop here) 


5 things to pack for a weekend trip:

1. A plain White Tee

2. Denim 

3. Your go to jewelry


5. One good bag

Something I have done in the past is pair my graphic tee with denim and sneakers for the day and when it is time to go out, switch my denim for a leather mini...I don't mean to blow your mind but that is 3 articles of clothing for one day. Instead of putting your luggage weight to waste on 3 pairs of denim, 3 white tees, bring one of each (it's 48 hours you will live) instead utilize the weight for important things like skincare and so on..your face will thank you later.


My go toairport look and travel necesseties