My Morning Routine

Morning Steps For a Productive Day

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Hello! Good Morning! I wanted to start off and say that OH MY GOD the love for the Trend Book is the most incredible thing in the world! I am so so happy you guys are liking the content. I am very excited to grow the fam with some new additions within the next few months. I just needed to express in writing my happiness. Now to get into the good stuff.

Let's talk morning routines.

In my opinion, how you start your morning truly can dictate your day. I love to do at least a few of these things in the morning to make sure that I have done something positive for myself before I dive into the chaos that is my everyday life. 

Step 1. Get up early! (I know easier said than done) to be honest with you guys I am failing at this right now. I had gotten myself into a routine where I was waking up at 5:30 am every morning. I was able to do yoga, make a pot of coffee, work on the blog, and get ready before I needed to be at work. Talk about PRODUCTIVITY. This fell through during the winter months. Let me tell you it is not easy waking up when the sun is a solid two hours away. But I am telling myself to get back into this routine because it truly is an amazing way to start your day.

Step 2. Get the juices flowing. Drink a cup of hot lemon water or my personal favorite hot water with apple cider vinegar, read my post on why I drink ACV every morning here. These are both great ways to hydrate your body after a long night sleep, kickstart your metabolism and your digestive system! So take a few moments in morning and do this simple thing for your body, it deserves it.

Step 3. SKINCARE. My favorite part of the day. I absolutely love treating myself to my skincare routine. In the morning I start with my Osea Milk Cleanser, then I will go to a mask (I will do this about two-three times a week in the morning) I love to do either a hydrating coconut milk mask or nourishing mask in the AM! Next step is my Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for anti-aging. This has quickly earned its spot in my holy grail skin care products. I plan to do a full post on this product because OH MY GOD it is luxury. Quick thank you to the Britt's because damn this has upped my skin care game. Lastly, I will finish with Osea's Essential Corrective Complex if I should have any blemishes (life hack: use tea tree oil on blemishes for immediate treatment).

Step 4. 15 min of self-care My favorite things to do for self-care are exercise or journal. Now I won't make exercising in the morning a step on its own because like I said before I have not been able to get myself up with enough time to exercise in the morning lately. However, I will admit when I had myself in the routine of doing yoga every morning I was so much more centered and mindful throughout the rest of the day. It is definitely a goal to get back into that routine this month! Journaling though is fairly new to me! I absolutely LOVE this practice in the morning. Currently, I follow Jolene Hart's Eat Pretty Live Well Journal. Each day you highlight things you are grateful for, self-affirmations, daily goals, and so on. It may seem cheesy but it's a simple reminder of the good in your life, and the good to come.

Step 5. Get your greens in. In the mornings I like to make sure I get in some daily greens or at least collagen and probiotics. Typically, I am a green smoothie kind of gal packing my Nutribullet to the max with spinach, kale, fiber powder, Vega protein, and a small amount of fruit. I love how satisfied and energized I feel after fueling myself with healthy foods first thing in the morning. The Nutribullet has become my best friend because it is the easiest thing in the world. Prep what you plan to put in your smoothie in a little plastic bag at the beginning of the week or the night before, this way when it comes time to blend in the morning all you have to do is add liquid! This has been a major hack for me not only because it saves time in the morning but it eliminates the excuse to opt for a less healthy option because of time or laziness.

I hope at least one of these tips are helpful in kickstarting your day! I would love to hear what types of morning routine tricks and tips you use as well!