From Me, To Me. A Note on Self Care.


Hello Babes! I was recently inspired to do something a little different on the blog. A topic that is so important to me, but one that I do not share enough about. You hear it everywhere, but what really is self care?

Now I know our definitions are different based on lifestyle, accessibility, and personal interests; but I would love to share with you how I self care best. To be completely candid with you, sharing your passions on the internet is equal part amazing and rewarding as it is daunting. I will say in my experience the good has outweighed the bad…but to say I don’t ever let the negativity get to me would be far from the truth. I am continuously working on things like anxiety and true self love.

This past year my anxiety kicked in..not just kicked in but came in guns hot, blazing, ready to destruct anything and everything I had built (at least that’s what it felt like). I had never dealt with anxiety that intense before so I did the worst possible thing I could do, I fed the beast. I kept myself up late at night running through my day, getting down on myself for not sharing more on the blog, not growing enough, not giving enough to others, not eating healthy enough, working out enough, watching others pass me bye. Honestly you name it and I found some way to be anxious about it. It was a very dark and difficult time to go through. I pride myself in being bright, and I let the anxiety steel my light. Now, on the other side of things I know that these worries and thoughts are all fabricated from myself. They are not real…and if they are someone’s real thoughts…excuse my french but F%#! them! This is not to say I have cured myself, I found anxiety unfortunately does not just go away. But I have found a way to quiet it and let myself grow. So, I want to share some tips I have done (and continue to do) that have helped me get through some pretty tough times that I hope can work for you as well.

Let me preface this by saying: yes, I am a conscious healthy eater, I enjoy working out, I love the benefits of a happy healthy body SO these interests play a major part in discovering what truly worked in helping my anxiety. Another thing to note, I do these five things in the morning. I find that by starting my morning off this way I have set my day up the way that works best for me! SO below are my very real and very raw ways I have found quiet the negativity!



I am starting with this one because this was the last piece to my puzzle. To be frank, I hated the idea of journaling. It felt tedious and boring. No part of me wanted to do this. I had heard how beneficial it was but truly did everything else I wanted to before attempting this one. I gave in and began writing in the morning. I don’t have structure for what I write about, I just let whatever thoughts come as soon as the pen hits the paper. It felt good..really good. The best part was after doing this for a week I went through and read how much journaling alone let me get out whatever I was feeling. How therapeutic is that?! It doesn’t always have to be deep, keep it to whatever feels good that’s the best part!

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 3.30.51 PM.png

Now this one is still one that I struggle with..BUT when it works, it works. I am definitely not strict about my mediation practice. If I am not feeling it then I am just not feeling it. It takes a lot to train yourself to be still and present. So I found that being patient with myself and not getting frustrated if I am just not present at the time is OK! I like to use apps like Calm or Headspace. You can also find some Youtube videos for free. My favorite part of meditating, throwing some eucalyptus into my essential oils diffuser and letting the calm settle in.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 3.31.23 PM.png

For years I would get up first thing in the morning, drink a cup of hot water with lemon, and do 10-20 min worth of yoga. This was typically some stretching or morning flow yoga so get my bones and body were ready for what the day has in store. I have to say, when I was doing a morning yoga practice consistently, I was feeling my absolute best. There is something about even a quick 10 min to get your body moving that makes you feel like you have already set yourself up for a successful day. If your schedule allows it, try getting your full workout in first thing in the morning as well!

My favorite tip of them all…list it out! I love to list my top three things I need to do for each part of my life. I list the top three priorities for work, home, and personal/blog. These can be small or multi part tasks that are important to the next day’s progress. I found that by doing this I was making sure I was getting these things done before the next day keeping me motivated and productive.

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The hardest of them all, patience. This does not come naturally to me. I am sure if you are like me and do not see change within a day…you’re about ready to throw in the towel. I have found that accepting where I am in this exact moment is both the hardest and most beautiful thing to accomplish. It is unrealistic to believe that you will be perfomring at your peak best 24 hours a day 7 days a week 12 months out of there year. There has got to be a rest period! I have found when I catch myself getting down on “where I wish I was with my career”, “where I want SAVO + JUNE to be”, and if I am making any progress AT ALL towards my goals. I remind myself I am. This moment where I am not at my peak is temporary. I will make strides, I will have better days, and to put the phone down and quit the comparison game.