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Summer Style: Smocked Staples
SAVO + JUNE Turns 2!

I cannot believe how quickly time has flown! SAVO + JUNE has officially turned 2! I feel so thankful for starting this journey and having each and every one of you follow along! It has been both terrifying to put yourself out there and exhilirating for doing something that feels so natural to me. To celebrate SAVO's second birthday I am answering each and every one of your questions about blogging!

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How to Style a Printed Jacket

When it comes to style I am a minimalist at heart. I stay tried and true to my high waisted straight jeans with a plain white t-shirt. All other accompanying pieces are chosen based on my mood and destination. But for the most part, you can find me in a pair of 501's any day. I clarify this because there are two things that can break my minimalistic outlook on my wardrobe, and that is shoes and jackets. 
There are endless ways to make a statement in your wardrobe, but for me, it is without a doubt the most impactful through a good shoe or a statement jacket. Since by nature the core of almost all my outfits is basics, I love to make an impact with a great jacket. I have been collecting blazers, bombers, faux fur, trenches, I cannot get enough. 

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