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Homemade Falafel + DF Tzatziki Recipe

t has finally arrived!! The recipe to my homemade falafel and dairy free tzatziki. I made this a few weeks ago, taking you all along with me through insta-stories. While my content is typically fashion and styling, health and wellness are a huge part of my life! That being said I come from a 100% Greek household where dinner was made from scratch every single night and rarely did we go out for dinner or grab fast food. While I hated that growing up, I notice myself gravitating towards cooking on my home more than going out as I get older (ugh sigh I'm like a real adult now). Naturally I take you all along with me in almost everything I do (sorry for the over shares) so you have by now seen me quite a few times in the kitchen. 

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Skincare Weapons

I have been waiting to write this blog post for quite some time now. I love sharing new products with you all but I am also very careful to make sure that they are products I truly enjoy/incorporate into my routine. Skincare definitely gets a little tricky, so I waited a few months to write this post after using thee products. Now I know there are so many products out there that show results and truly do work so I am not going to sit here and preach to you that these are your only options..but they are just that..options. So read with your own skin in mind and hopefully, I can shed a little light on some new products that for me, were successful.

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